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The first line of the Aggie Spirit Song is also featured as part of the Bonfire memorial which is located on campus.


Come feel the  'spirit that can ne'er be told' in the newsroom of The Battalion, says 2017-2018 editor-in-chief Josh McCormack



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Dear new member of the Aggie family,


My name is Josh McCormack. I am an English senior and the editor-in-chief of The Battalion. First and foremost, let me offer you the sincerest Howdy.

     Now there is a phrase I never thought I would say regularly and with passion. When I transferred to this university, I knew little about A&M culture, and I didn’t I care much to learn about it.

     However, I have found going into my senior year the blood that runs in my veins now has a maroon hue. I owe that to The Battalion.

     As I write this letter, I am thinking about the Aggie Ring I will wear come September, whooping on the first deck of Kyle Field this fall and the impact I will make on the 123-year-old tradition I now lead.

     I am the kind of person who, in order to buy in to an idea or way of life, must experience it first hand  — see it with my own eyes. Since I started writing for this publication in the spring of 2016, I have witnessed what anyone who knows anything about A&M describes as the way Aggies live differently: With an honor code and set of core values in mind.

     I have featured students, current and former, selflessly serving their Aggie family and greater 

my peers in solemn respect at Silver Taps after

     There will be times when you feel like the work is too hard or might not be worth it. But, let me tell you: It is.

     There is nothing more rewarding than shaking the

hand of a Silver Taps student’s parent, handing the paper to a source who is excited to see their name in print or witnessing your hard work pay off by reading your byline on the front page of the paper.

     Come in and stop by. We’re a family here at The Battalion. Working into the long hours of the night in the basement of the MSC has made us a unit, hence our paper’s name. We work, laugh, spend time and produce an award-winning product together.

     I can almost guarantee that when you walk down the ramp that leads into the newsroom, a bright face behind a computer screen will pop up, smile and greet you into what could be the best experience of your college years. It sure as hell has been for me.


Thanks and Gig ‘Em.


With warm regards,

Josh McCormack

Josh McCormack is an English senior and

2017-2018 editor-in-chief for The Battalion.


Graphic by Rachel Grant

writing a memorial for a fellow Aggie who died. I

have watched and described in words students practicing integrity and respect, even in the face of a white supremacist.

      What have I learned working and writing for Texas A&M’s student newspaper? That there really is a spirit that can ne’er be told in Aggieland.

      What I want most for students is for them to experience that impassioned moment you hear about when listening to an old Ag talk about their time in College Station. Personally — and I’ll admit to some bias here — I think the best place to experience that is The Battalion.

      Here in the newsroom anyone can find themselves learning about something new this university has to offer. Here you can have a human moment with anyone from Dr. Michael Young to a former presidential candidate like Jeb Bush. Here, alongside the best student journalists in the country, you will see what drives this school to find itself constantly ahead of the rest.

     Even if you have never written a lede, taken a feature photo, filmed a meaningful shot or drawn an impactful cartoon, I would urge you to come and find out what this paper has to offer you and what 

you have to offer The Battalion.

     I won't say it's easy. I’ll be upfront — it’s not.