and  students including agricultural leadership, educationand communications professor Tobin Redwine and construction science junior and business owner Taylor Laney. These students and faculty were chosen by our staff for their accomplishments and influences within the Aggie family.

     As I wrap up my time here in Aggieland, I encourage each of you reading this to take the time and visit each of these places highlighted in the pages of this magazine. From where I had my first meal while visiting campus to where I celebrated receiving my Aggie ring, each of these site mark a milestone in my — and many other students’ — Aggie experience.

     We thank you for picking up a copy and hope you enjoy all that Aggieland has to offer.

Thanks and Gig ‘Em.

Mariah Colón is a communication senior and 2017 Fall Life & Arts editor for The Battalion.

     We sent out polls via our social media platforms for Aggies to vote for the best

among the following categories: Best burger restaurant, best BBQ establishment, best dessert eatery, best coffee house , best bar, best pizza place, best taco establishment, best breakfast restaurant and best overall restaurant. There is also an upcoming event calendar for activities in the area.

     We’ll look at the atmosphere and quality of Aggieland staples old and new, including Koppe Bridge, The Dixie Chicken, Fuego, Sweet Eugene’s House of Java, Good Bull BBQ, Farmhouse Creamery, Layne’s Chicken Fingers, Rosa’s Cafe & Tortilla Factory, Gumby’s Pizza, First Watch, The Warehouse, the Memorial Student Center, Evan’s Library and the Sbisa Underground. Other mentions include student-voted best icons, including Cullen Gillaspia and Von Miller.

     Inside this magazine are also reviews of select dishes found at local spots and features over prominent Aggieland faculty




To the Aggie Family, 

Howdy. My name is Mariah Colón. I am a communication senior and the current Life & Arts editor for The Battalion. Our team has worked hard to bring you the newest edition of our Maroon Life magazine, The Best of Aggieland — one that we believe accurately reflects the culture of Bryan-College Station.

     Aggieland has been written about in songs such as “We Bleed Maroon” by Granger Smith and illustrated and animated in Pixar movies such as “Monsters University.” There’s a spirit that follows the students, business owners and residents of Bryan-College Station.

     From burgers to bars and everything in between, Aggieland is a place that a multitude of restaurants and venues people call home. In this edition of The Battalion’s Maroon Life magazine we will look at which places and people Aggies voted the “Best of Aggieland.”

Enjoy everything Aggieland has to offer, says 2017 Life & Arts editor Mariah Colón

The Memorial Student Center and Kyle Field, located in the center of Texas A&M's campus, both are popular Aggieland establishments.